Musical Influences

A partial list of Daniel Buckley’s main musical influences:

George Crumb

Ennio Morricone

John Adams

Steve Reich

Miles Davis

Brian Eno

Conlon Nancarrow

Harry Partch

John Cage

Igor Stravinsky

Silvestre Revueltas

Philip Glass

Virgil Thomson

Robert Ashley

Phillip Bimstein

Erik Satie

Thelonious Monk

Eugene Chadbourne

Tom Waits

Jon Hassell

PJ Harvey


Howe Gelb

Rainer Ptacek

Al Perry

The Determined Luddites

Phantom Limbs



George Clinton

David Lynch

Frank Zappa

Captain Beefheart

Little Feat

John Hartford

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Bukka White

Wendy Carlos

James Brown

James White and the Blacks

Ian Dury and the Blockheads


Nine Inch Nails

Ivor Cutler

Los Lobos

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