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Daniel Buckley In the Media: Press, radio and TV clips, 2010-present, click here

Daniel Buckley named 2014 Arizona Artist of the Year:

Daniel Buckley inducted into the Mariachi Hall of Fame!


Digital artist Daniel Buckley

Digital artist Daniel Buckley

Meet Daniel Buckley on episode 29 of Jason Martinez’s blog, Between the lines

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Daniel Buckley Arts is the catch-all website of composer/documentary maker/music critic/performance artist/videographer/photographer/consultant/ writer Daniel Buckley. Check out the Daniel Buckley Blog regularly for news, analysis, video and audio, and more.  Visit DANIEL BUCKLEY ARTS on FaceBook. And check out his YouTube channel, SoundCloud audio clips  and press links.


Buckley-Fox-DSC_2737-swA resident of Tucson, Arizona since 1971, Buckley studied lunar and planetary geology at the University of Arizona, worked in and later ran the Tucson branch of Record Bar, was president of downtown Tucson’s Central Arts Collective art gallery, was the first act to perform for the general public at Tucson’s venerable Club Congress (as Blind Lemon Pledge), was a member of The Little Dinks performance art trio, composed music and created soundscapes for stage, runway fashion shows and  dance, along with the performance art opera “West]”, wrote music criticism and features for Tucson’s Newsreal Magazine, The Tucson Weekly, Native Peoples, Arizona Bilingual Magazine and more, has written about contemporary classical music for Stereophile Magazine since the 1990s, worked as a music critic and created the multimedia division for the Tucson Citizen, and produced, shot and edited the Cine Plaza at the Fox documentary series. He is also considered one of America’s foremost writers on the topics of mariachi, traditional Mexican folk music, and Mexican folklórico dance.



He has earned awards the Southwest Interdisciplinary Arts Fund, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Tucson Pima Arts Council, the Associated Press and Gannett Newspapers. In addition in 2013 he was inducted into the Mariachi Hall of Fame. In 2014 Buckley received the Artist of the Year award at the Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards. Click photos to enlarge.




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    A bitter breakfast, I fear, re: the death of classical music on the radio, from 2 different sources. Marty Ronish of the ‘Scanning the Dial’ blog puts up a stout defense, yet it feels like the Battle of the Alamo. Hope you’re well… DAVID HARRINGTON, late of KUAT-FM [back in the Era of Good Feeling]. Anyway…. http://www.insidethearts.com/scanningthedial/2014/01/22/marty-ronish/4888/

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