Daniel Buckley is involved in several ongoing projects.

These include:

Cine Plaza Theater, downtown Tucson, around 1950s

Cine Plaza Theater, downtown Tucson, around 1950s / photo courtesy Arizona Historical Society

Cine Plaza at the Fox Documentary Series – an ongoing look at the post WW II history of Tucson’s Mexican American community, neighborhoods and institutions. The sixth film in the series, “The Mariachi Miracle, will focus on youth mariachi and folklorico dance programs and their imact on communities.



Daniel Buckley's "Jonestown"

Daniel Buckley’s “Jonestown” / photo by Renee Bracamonte

The Jonestown Project – An ongoing musical exploration of the Jonestown disaster, and its implications for the present and future.








Clouds-over-downtown_DSC6845-2-sw-dba• Esta Es Mi Ciudad – A photographic series focused on the city of Tucson, Arizona – its architecture, people, artists, landscapes, cultural practices and history.







Sunset-UA-PG-6787-06-sw-dba• The West in Wide Screen – A panoramic photographic series to escape the photographic box and bring truer perspective to western landscapes.





Rowena-wreck-093014-1266-06-1283cpEXC-sw-dba• Bewilderness – An offshoot of the panoramic images series featuring unusual practices or activities within a particular landscape.





• Bewilderness II – A single-frame offshoot of the original Bewilderness series featuring layered images of nudes and a variety of other subject matter to produce composite photos of textural and emotional complexity.













When Saguaros Dance with Shiva

When Saguaros Dance with Shiva

The Prevailing Westerlies – A series of musical works inspired by the landscapes, history and cultures of the American west. The series grew out of Daniel Buckley’s 1987 opera, “West].”










Moon-over-hill-dark_DSC8508-sw-dba• The Supermoon Series – A musical series centered around a particular group of electronic effects intended to create a shimmering sound similar to viewing the moon through a heated atmosphere.







Other Projects in development:




Wild Horse Ranch / photo by Daniel Buckley

Wild Horse Ranch / photo by Daniel Buckley

• “Circles of Time and Space” – a video camera is mounted on a telescope clock mount, and rotated slowly (roughly once an hour) to capture the subtle changes of sky and earth. The resulting video is then sped up to compress 2 hours of shooting time into 2 minutes. Breathtaking Arizona vistas, city and rural locales become moments in time and space. Buckley will compose a musical score to go with each and build a collage of the state from the individual landscape vignettes.



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