The Least Interesting Man in the World

Random facts of considerable disinterest about Daniel Buckley:


Daniel Buckley, early 1990s

Daniel Buckley, early 1990s, self portrait

On Thanksgiving Day, 1990 he held the door at a Furr’s Cafeteria in Merritt Island, Florida for a man in a woman’s dress and heels, pushing an elderly woman in one wheel chair and a female mannequin in  a second wheel chair. They sat at the table next to him. It was very quiet.

daniel buckley leads kazoo band

Daniel Buckley leads Kaktus Kazoo Kowpokes

His diet consists of the Three  “P”s – pizza, pasta and meat (the “p” in “meat” is both silent and invisible).

He was invited to the Lyndon B. Johnson inauguration when he was 11.

He once worked for a Rexall drug store as an “Unregistered Stockboy.”

He comes from a small Irish family of only six children.

His name spelled backwards sounds vaguely Ukrainian.

An actual Daniel Buckley dream:

I am lying in bed when a beautiful woman leans over and whispers in my ear, “I am the angel of death in the form of MTV House of Style’s Cindy Crawford.”


Buckley and his twisted little friends / self portrait

Buckley and his twisted little friends / self portrait

His worst job was working aircraft salvage in Tucson in July. Temperatures inside exceeded 150 degrees. He lasted two weeks, lost 17 pounds and on his last day was snatched by his belt while falling through an open bomb bay door after passing out from the heat.

His second worst job was scooping ice cream in Thrifty Drug in Tucson in June, wearing a short haired wig over his braided long hair.

He likes hiking and theater so long as he is not required to participate in either.


Buckley-Coca-Cola-P9280058aTo make rent in college he sold condoms in the dorm to guys too chicken to go to a drug store.

His first pet was a chameleon named Peter.

His favorite name of a woman he did not actually meet but overheard her spoken to is Breathette.

His favorite specific amount of change is “a dollar eighty-five.”


Daniel Buckley Westinghouse Science Talent Search

Daniel Buckley 1971

He owns several ice chests filled with windup toys.

He led a kazoo band called the Kactus Kazoo Kowpokes, comprised of painters, musicians, performance arts, college professors and concert promoters, at the Tucson Rodeo Parade in the 1980s. His baton was a paper mache carrot that had fallen off of a float earlier in the parade. The group was officially asked never to appear again.

He keeps quarters around almost anywhere he is likely to sit or work. He flips coins to guide himself in small decisions, change direction randomly in video and audio creation, or to gain insight into such matters as interactions with people in his life, personal and professional direction, etc. 









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