New Music Now

Boulez completeNew Music Now is a page for information on contemporary classical and new jazz recordings and concerts in conjunction with Daniel Buckley Arts.

In times when publications rarely review or even provide information about contemporary music in the world today it becomes incumbent upon us to create a forum where such news can be shared with those who still find it a vital alternative.

This home page will generally serve as the jump off point to a blog on new music, and a link to the Facebook page of the same name.

“There are a lot more fans of new music than either the recording industry or music magazines care to admit,” says composer/music critic Daniel Buckley. “From Philip Glass to Pierre Boulez, George Crumb, Evan Ziporyn, Silvestre Revueltas, Harry Partch, Conlon Nancarrow, John Adams, and Rhys Chatham, contemporary music is a broad and varied topic. New Music Now aspires to become a hub for information on all types of new music, and invites input from everyone.

To add content to the page, send information to Daniel Buckley (

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