Daniel Buckley named to Mariachi Hall of Fame

Tucson International Mariachi Conference president Alfonso Dancil inducts Daniel Buckley into the Mariachi Hall of Fame at the 2013 Espectacular Concert.

Tucson International Mariachi Conference president Alfonso Dancil inducts Daniel Buckley into the Mariachi Hall of Fame at the 2013 Espectacular Concert.

Longtime mariachi writer and videographer Daniel Buckley was inducted into the Mariachi Hall of Fame by the Tucson International Mariachi Conference at its 2013 Espectacular concert on Friday, April 26, 2013.

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Buckley joins such notables as Linda Ronstadt, Lalo Guerrero, Mariachi Cobre, Mariachi Vargas and Nati Cano in receiving this honor. Click here for a full list of prior recipients.

“No honor I have or will ever receive means more to me than this,” Buckley said of the award.

For over 30 years Buckley has written about mariachi and folklórico culture in Tucson, Arizona, and for over ten of that time he has documented mariachis and folklorico dancers via video as well.

Buckley expressed his gratitude to those who helped him most at the beginning of his journey to understand mariachi and folklorico. They include Elva Flores, Raul Aguirre, Julie Gallego, Ralph Gonzalez, Richard Carranza and the families of Mariachi Cobre members Mack Ruiz and Randy and Steve Carrillo.

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Buckley.

Documentary filmmaker Daniel Buckley.

Buckley is currently six months into production on a documentary on how mariachis and folklórico dancers transformed Tucson, to be completed in spring of 2015.

Buckley recently began a Kickstarter project called Mariachis Transform Tucson to help get the film underway.

The Kickstarter project and his recent award have gained media attention.

You can learn more about this film as it progresses via a special Facebook page, Daniel Buckley’s blog on the topic and his homepage for the film.

For more on Daniel Buckley go to www.danielbuckleyarts.com.


Some of what people are saying on Facebook about mariachi hall of fame award and Daniel Buckley’s mariachi documentary:


Richard Carranza For someone who artistically, musically, and culturally just plain ‘ol “gets it,” this honor is more than deserved Dan. You’ve been writing and extolling the virtues and beauty of our beloved mariachi music since before it was “cool.” You were one of the earliest supporters when we fought to get the mariachi curriculum into the public school music curriculum, eviscerating the critics of the effort with your logical and well-reasoned pen. How many school kids have you seen just this week playing and loving making music, loving their culture and themselves as artists? You’ve been part of making that happen in our schools. You’ve been in many of our halls of fame for a long time – this honor is just one more! Well deserved Amigo! íFelicidades! (Superintendent of Schools, San Francisco, California, founder of Mariachi Aztlan de Pueblo High School)


Gil Sperry It has been an honor for me to know you. In spite of some dark days, you have always persevered in shining the light of truth on this incredible music through your fearless probing journalism and classic films. Felicidades, amigo!!! Tucson is blessed to have you as an integral part of their Hall of Fame. Hope we can get you to head West and South in October. (Author of Mariachis For Gringos).


John Nieto Congratulations and well deserved. You have promoted the folkloric arts and especially the Tucson Mariachi movement like no one else has. (Mariachi educator, San Antonio, Texas).


Fernando Manzano Congratulations!!! Thank you for all the support you give the mariachi community


Marisa Gallegos Congratulations Mr.Buckley! You certainly deserve it for all the heart and passion you put into all you do! (Youth Instructor, Ballet Folklorico Tapatio)


Jose Armando shared a link.April 23

Please support Daniel Buckley’s documentary film “Mariachis Transform Tucson” Daniel Buckley is in many ways responsible for promoting the cultural richness and history of Mariachi music, of documenting, in print and video, the many contributions of 30+ years of the Tucson Mariachi Conferencer Without his personal journalist commitment many fabulous stories and many more magical moments would have languished in obscurity and perhaps completely forgotten by now! If you love the value of education and the undeniable role mariachi music plays in the lives of our diverse communities please consider making a small donation to this project. Please consider adding this to your timeline.

Jose Armando Ronstadt. (National Spanish language television newscaster, Tucson International Mariachi Conference emcee)



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