Recent Music – works in progress

Below are examples of recent musical works and studies in progress by Daniel Buckley, presented in excerpt. Click on the title to hear the music.

X Monk in the Trunk (2011) is a work scored for prepared piano and Harry Partch’s Cloud Chamber Bowls. The piece was written using the drum composition portion of MOTU’s Digital Performer sequencer, using Mach V 3 and Kontakt 5 samplers.

X Miles Meditation (2010) recalls the distorted electric pianos, percussive sounds and surreal directions of Miles Davis’ 70s-era explorations – one of Buckley’s favorite times in music. It is scored for Electric piano (Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard) and synthesizers (Native Instruments Kore, Xils 3, QuikQuak Glass Viper) and constructed in Digital Performer.

X Final Transmission (2010) is a piece for synthesized voices and ambient electronics, built in Digital Performer using Native Instruments Kore 2 and Reaktor synthesizers.

X Out in the Woods (2011) is a dark atmospheric study created using Native Instruments Kore 2 and Kontakt in the Digital Performer sequencer environment.

X Break It Down (2011) is a study for drum and synthesizer loops (Native Instruments Kontakt and Kore 2) being manipulated in real time within Digital Performer using Native Instruments’ The Finger effects processor.

X Snake Charmer (2010) is a ritual piece for sampled tuned and unturned percussion and flutes (Kontakt 5 sampler) plus synthesizers (QuikQuak Glass Viper, Native Instruments Massive).

All music copyright Daniel Buckley, Saguaro Furnace Music

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