New direction in video begins

Time to open up the time lapse landscapes to new vistas.

As the monsoon rolls on in Tucson, Daniel Buckley is watching the sky.

If he can steal a few hours every now and then from work on the El Casino Documentary, Buckley retreats into the desert west of Tucson to watch the clouds roll, see the light morph and enjoy the plump, water-filled landscape in all its green glory.

At the same time, new thoughts are stirring as to how to treat the time lapse video he is capturing.

Changing the colors to a negative makes the landscape look like a dark sea. And cueing the video snippets to music creates a different, non-linear way of experiencing the images.

Coming from a news and documentary background, it’s alien turf. But it is a direction that down the line may yield some interesting new video art over time.

Above is an early example of some things that might be tried, using footage from a dust storm preceding rain in mid-June.

~ by Daniel Buckley on July 22, 2012.

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