Proposal: A photographer in residence program for arts groups and presenters in Tucson

A future mariachi is born at El Casino Ballroom.

A future mariachi is born at El Casino Ballroom.

Just going to throw an idea out there: A photographer in residence program for arts organizations and live music providers. Each group would pair up with a photographer that digs what they do. The photographer would have unlimited access and be able to shoot anytime for a period of one year. At the end of the year the photographer would have an amazing show-ready portfolio piece, and the organization or business would have some splendid, special images to hang on their walls or use in their publications and on their website. If a huge number of organizations were doing this one particular year Tucson would have an unbelievable snapshot in time of its artistic and cultural resources. And that could turn into tourism dollars and more.

I mention this because working on the El Casino Ballroom documentary has been a life changing experience for me and for the many folks who helped me with that project. And I know it totally changed the lives of many at El Casino and helped them appreciate what a huge thing they have been part of.
Similarly, how lucky is the Rialto to have Cindy Elliot there shooting so frequently? What an incredible legacy they are building together. I should also mention photographer Kevin Van Rensselaer and his long relationship with the Tucson International Mariachi Conference as well as an example of someone creating a body of work that will endure and which benefits both Kevin and the conference.
Yes, this will take money, but it will also make money, further careers and develop real community. Tucson might even get its act together if it saw itself in action.
Tucson has an incredible number of top-flight photographers, and an equal number of arts organizations and presenters. And yes, we’re all living hand-to-mouth fiscally. Why not change that?
Just saying. Any thoughts?

~ by Daniel Buckley on November 12, 2012.

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