Train recording diary, 06/24/13

IMG_3121Train recording diary, 06/24/13


Back recording trains. This time I got two at once. One was moving very slowly as I got here. The second went up in the opposite direction at a serious clip. This time using two recorder to catch soft and loud sounds. Another beautiful moon and still air. Best recording conditions possible.


Feeling the rumble of another one heading this way.


It stopped about 100 yards from me.


Recording trains is like fishing. You never know when or if something will happen. Then when it does it’s exciting as hell for a few minutes, and then you wait some more.


Inching toward me now. Wish there were fewer automobiles driving by.


Lovely sound!


I see a light on the track to the east. Who knows when or if it’ll get here. Another half hour and I’ll call it quits. Glad I brought a folding chair tonight. Next time I’m bringing one with some cushion.



Just packing it in for the night when I hear the whistle blow. I run back, fire up the recorder and set it down. Four locomotives pulling the longest line of railroad cars I’ve ever seen, rolling slowly with plenty of rumble and squeak. Grinds to a halt in front of me with as much yet to come as has passed. Guess I’ll be here a while longer.


I hear a sound like an air horn running out of canned air. Then the train rolls back about a foot. Long pause. Some more quick squeaking and then it just sits there in silence.


Finally rolling again and handily the best sounds of the night. Glad I stayed, and glad too that I use lithium batteries. The end is in sight and the coolest sounds saved for last. Calling it a night as soon as it gets out of earshot.

~ by Daniel Buckley on June 25, 2013.

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