Unexpected rewards of a new musical process

I’m noticing an unexpected benefit of this audio collage study.


Using Digital Performer 8 and assembling sequences into songs I’m able to hear how different patterns react over time, how various relative volumes create unexpected atmospheres and how well or poorly specific timbres play with each other.


Making quick sound comparisons is as easy as creating a new song file and matching up alternative combinations of sound sequences on the grid.  Not only can one lay the sequences out horizontally (over time) but one can layer them vertically (as potential harmony elements) as well. And you can layer them as deep as you’d like.


It is a very fast process.


Eventually I will freeze the tracks (create audio files from the MIDI events of each) and use the resulting audio and various mixer and filter permutations to add even more malleability to the sound palette.

~ by Daniel Buckley on December 6, 2013.

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