Photography preliminary review findings

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West of Datil, NM, July 2014

West of Datil, NM, July 2014

While reviewing my panoramic photography work trends are emerging







  • Not unexpectedly the sheer number and quality of panoramas has increased steadily over time. Currently there are over 3000 high-resolution panoramic images in the collection.
  • In the past year a promising trend toward experimentation with light and time has begun.
  • More effective workflows are being integrated. There is a trend toward setting the light balance for the brightest frame in the panorama and leaving it the same for all other panels. This achieves a smother gradation of light and more natural tones.
  • The geographic breadth of the project is increasing.
  • There is also a sizeable body of work developing focused on recurring visits to close areas of interest. Doing so emphasizes changes in light, vegetation throughout the day and seasons.
  • Urban landscapes are joining the natural landscapes.
  • A variety of ecosystems is being sampled.
  • A greater range of mood is being achieved.
  • An effective nomenclature has evolved for labeling panoramas that identifies location, date, leftmost frame and number of frames included.
  • An effective system of backup and consolidation is being maintained.


Near Globe, Az

Near Globe, Az, 2014



  • No night photography
  • Inconsistent setup still a factor
  • Limited grasp of deep Photoshop
  • Still tough to predictably envision at the site how composition will come together
  • Still in experimental stage on many fronts



Technical aspects


  • Effective workflows are developing, allowing more consistent results.
  • More time is being taken to select prime views at the site
  • More time is being spent in setup procedures
  • Increasing skill in Photoshop is creating more interesting results.
  • A realization has gelled that original component files must be preserved to take advantage of future software capabilities


Twin Arrows trading post

Twin Arrows trading post



  • There is a great deal more work to do.
  • The geographic scale of the work must increase
  • GPS data must be consistently inserted into the workflow
  • Best habits need to be carefully honed, reviewed.
  • Increased experimentation with and study of Photoshop is key to reaching the next level
  • Greater study of all aspects of my camera needs to be made
  • Night photography should added.
  • Nude landscapes should be added




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