Reevaluating my photographic work

Gates Pass 08/06/14

Gates Pass 08/06/14

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How we work as artists involves periodically reviewing our work.

The end of summer often seems a good time to do so, at least in the case of my visual work.

Currently I am reevaluating my photographic work via a variety of means.

I have re-cataloged all of my still imagery using LightRoom. That puts it all together in one place with thumbnails of every image.

I am in the process of creating PDF digital proof sheets for all of the folders on my still imagery drives. That gives me a sense of each individual shoot.

Storms west of Datil, NM

Storms west of Datil, NM

And I am consolidating all of my panoramic photos onto a single drive so that I can look at them in fairly quick time. I began saving copies of each as jpegs to create a random slide show that would lend me a quick overview of that work.

I’ll likely create another drive for consolidating time lapse video.

The motivation for this reexamination is a desire to see where I’ve been and where I’m going. To gain a broader sense of the body of work I’m creating, and establish best examples for funding opportunities.

Also it’s a chance to see how my style is evolving over time, identify areas that need work and review older work for possible revision with greater knowledge.

What’s clear is that I am developing a body of work with a distinct style, and that I have a lot to expand upon and perfect before this body of work is printed and shown publically.

Salt River Canyon, Arizona, July 2014

Salt River Canyon, Arizona, July 2014

Also clear is the fact that there’s a lot of panoramas, and that they are very hefty files – some as big as nearly 6 gigabytes. I’m still most of a third still imagery hard drive away from being finished and am already past the 2 TB mark of storage needs for panoramas alone.

Once the original files have been transferred, the process of converting them into jpegs for quicker review will begin. And once that has finished I will resume my PDF work.

By the close of September I should have a pretty good consolidated record of my photographic work.






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