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Father Charles Rourke and Los Changuitos Feos

Father Charles Rourke and Los Changuitos Feos


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• Recent press on The Mariachi Miracle: Neto’s Tucson: The Mariachi Miracle of our town

• En Español: Desde Tucsón: Mr. Buckley, una autoridad en el mundo del mariachi

• About the Mariachi Miracle:

The Mariachi Miracle is a film/book project that documents how treasured cultural practices can lead to social change. Specifically, it chronicles how Tucson’s youth mariachi and folklórico dance programs have transformed Tucson politically, socio-economically, artistically and educationally. Universally, the project champions …more

• The Mariachi Miracle in brief:

“The Mariachi Miracle” is a film and book project tracing the social, political, economic, artistic and educational impact of youth mariachi and folklórico dance programs on the city of Tucson. Moreover it will show …more


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Daniel Buckley in the Press and Media


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The Mariachi Miracle is an important book and film project by Daniel Buckleywhich documents the ways in which Tucson and America are being transformed in a multitude of …more



• The Mariachi Miracle, full version:

“Dan Buckley knows this material inside and out, backwards and forward. He was on the scene when the Changuitos Feos and the first mariachi conferences began …” (quote from Linda Ronstadt) …more


• Daniel Buckley documentary maker bio:

As he works on his latest film, The Mariachi Miracle, now in production, as well as other projects on the history of his state, 2014 Arizona Governor’s Arts Award winner Daniel Buckley builds on skills …more


• Daniel Buckley explains his love for mariachis

I was recently asked by one of the members of Harvard’s Mariachi Véritas, Tony Liu, how mariachis had become such a passion in my life. It is an odd thing, …more


• The Mariachi Miracle advisory board

Producer/director Daniel Buckley has enlisted a group of heavy hitters to serve as the advisory board for his documentary film now in production, The Mariachi Miracle. The list includes singer Linda Ronstadt, …more


• Daniel Buckley’s blog on The Mariachi Miracle:

Archive for the ‘Mariachi documentary’ Category…more

• The Mariachi Miracle Facebook Page

The Mariachi Miracle …more

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