Becoming a photographer takes work, life


My photography teacher, Joseph Rheaume, used to say that we don’t take photos, we make them.


It has taken me several years to understand those words. But they are true.


It starts with control of the camera, our instrument. That requires thousands of exposures, each a lesson in technical refinement, and none an end to the process.


It requires knowledge of composition, again refined by mountains of work. It takes a thirst for experimentation and discovery.


It changes the way you see everything.




But the exposure is just the start.


Day of the Dead folklórico dance

Learning post production techniques through trial and error, and a constant updating of knowledge as those tools evolve are equally essential.


A composite is built combining all of those technical elements with the experiences of life. The mysteries and revelations amplify through the lens.


The image is made and remade. The best are returned to and refined again and again.


It is a different world from that of film image makers.


The capabilities are greater.


But all is built on the framework of the great masters. Technique, work flow, experience.


In this world I am a child. A little older than most, but in my infancy nonetheless.


But I am learning and growing.


It takes time.



But I am finding my voice.


I couldn’t tell you what images I will make five years from now.


I have too much work to do in the meantime to get there.

~ by Daniel Buckley on March 31, 2017.

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