Work begins on the Lotería de Tucson 2018 card project

Statue of Father Kino at the Arizona History Museum

Statue of Father Kino at the Arizona History Museum

Got my assignment from the organizers of the Lotería de Tucson 2018 card project.


My subject is the Arizona Historical Society. I was unable to be there when they handed out the subjects to the various artists involved but the entropy of the universe was on my side. I’ve done a lot of work with the historical society over the past decade, including a project in progress examining history through the lens of resilience.


This from the project organizers before the jury met to select artists:


“Arte de la Vida and Galería Senita are proud to present the “Lotería de Tucson 2018”. Loteria de Tucson is loosely based on the iconic and popular Mexican Loteria card game with 54 cards with a different richly illustrated image and number on each card.

“Lotería de Tucson 2018” is a juried competition to create a deck of Lotería de Tucson cards that will represent the unique nature of The Old Pueblo as it was long ago and as it is today. Three female community leaders, whose identities will be revealed after the artists have been selected, and the Owners of Arte de La Vida, James Goodreau and Kevin Pawlak, have chosen titles for 54 Lotería de Tucson cards that represent places, plants, people, food and the history of Tucson. They have only chosen the name/title of the image, not the image itself. Each title was also assigned a number as every image in a traditional deck has a number.

A maximum of 54 artists will be chosen by Gallery owners, James and Kevin. The artists will create a two-dimensional art piece to be displayed and available for purchase from October 6th – November 24, 2018 at Galería Senita inside Arte de la Vida, 37 North Tucson Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona.

The 54 art pieces will also be photographed and printed and combined into a Lotería de Tucson card deck that will be sold during the exhibition and after. All proceeds from the sale of the Loteria decks will go to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Arte de la Vida/Galería Senita will NOT profit from the sale of the decks. Artists will be given an opportunity to buy a number of the Lotería de Tucson decks at wholesale costs. Interest will dictate the amount of decks printed.

In Order to Apply to Participate: Artists must have either been born or currently live in the Tucson Metro area or Southern Arizona; or resided in Tucson for any given period of their life; or have a strong connection to our Beloved Community. “


Today on the Fourth of July I headed over to the AHS headquarters to shoot a few sketches. These are really a starting point of what I might do later. The finished images will also find their way into my Esta Es Mi Ciudad photographic series.


Stay tuned!




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